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The difference between men and women

Sexually, is the difference between men and women on several levels, including the method of thinking sexual, hormonal differences, target practice, ejaculation and orgasm and also dealing with the past.
There more than a few differences between men and women, but there is a situation emerge and float on the surface of all these differences is the difference between men and women in the sexual relationship. These differences highlight usually after several years of marriage, where romantic retreat and fade Alacrity. Here are examples of these differences, and how it can be solved.

Differences in thinking – thought every man, every touch must lead to sexual practice. But may Ttfajúa if we say that this is not true in all cases. There are only women seeking for love touches. Sometimes it is important to feeling that this is the only destination, the touch of love, intimate and warm. Who knows, after such a touch, women may be more receptive to the practice of citizenship.

Hormonal differences – while working male hormone, all the time, the female hormone, active to varying degrees during the month. Sometimes be as high and sometimes low. For Women play a critical role here, tell your partner when there have a desire and when they do not exist. A man can always extinguish the fire of lust massage of a sexual nature or banter. When this is done in partnership, the fun and success greater. Constitute hormonal issue a decisive factor in the difference between men and women.

Target practice – contrary to what many people think of men, there is no goal from behind the sexual relations only if specifically been put into practice in order to have a baby. Otherwise, the goal of sexual pleasure. No ejaculatory inevitability, or reach a jerk intercourse, all you have to do is simply enjoy. If the goal was to enjoy the feeling of interdependence is growing bigger with pleasure.

Abstention from sex – There is no doubt that every man has suffered from it, in the sense desire for sex and woman’s claim that she has a headache. Constant headaches. But the truth is that sex is healthy, in terms of emotional and physical as well, and as part of a system healthy relationships are sexual consistently and frequently, after sex will feel women better and spend a headache.

Ejaculation – shooting everyone in their own way, there are women allege that they could ejaculate only just stirring the clitoris, research shows that for thirty percent of the women there wall name inside the vagina, can sense Balrashh through stirring vagina from the inside, while able to seventy percent of women enjoy From the same access and the thrill of the vagina as a sexy place without reaching orgasm! What is the solution? Tried to stir the clitoris when penetration, and to provoke chills, can be done by sexual accessories, fingers or partner’s own body.

Men also threw in their own way. And sometimes they throw quickly, may stem from emotion, sensitivity, and the like. Can cure premature ejaculation by medications or by practicing how to control it. Most importantly, do not show narrow in the face of a man who suffers from it so as not to feel frustrated and guilt. Every feeling like, Christtmh more and more.

Past – should not brag about sex all the time in the past and compare it with the present. Is not always healthy News former wife adventurous nationality and enjoyment, because that will create a permanent state of comparison between past and present, which could generate frustration and a sense of inferiority complex among the couple, tried to have adopted a new reality in the present are based on the experiences of new common and facts.


Scientific attempt in the definition of love!

Let’s try to define love: Love is one of the important basic emotions that we feel. Love is able to build and strengthen the human, igniting wars and out of the crises. Love blinds, stimulates and pulls. When we love, sometimes we can not make rational decisions. Used to describe love as “emotion on the mind-controlled”, ie, that the love that we’re dealing with just like a sense, dominates the thoughts and desires of our mind. Is not it?!
In fact claims of science, that love comes from the brain and that the process of chemical / biological completely, which is expressed in a sense that we call “love.”

Definition of love according to evolutionary psychology

Evolutionary psychology is attributed to all evolutionary interpretation of human feelings. Also in the case of the definition of love, there is logic behind the formation of the emotional system through which we can feel emotions. That is to say, all the sense that we feel evolution through the process of evolution to give a specific positive feature helps to survive, and so is love too.

For example, the love of parents for a child increases the likelihood that the family will continue the auspices of the IAEA for the longest possible time after birth. This is an important feature of the human race because the child needs to care for a long period of time until he could rely on himself. Evolution created these human emotions to help in survival.

Love between the couple came to assure wife the necessary support to be able to bring up (IAEA). In addition, the fidelity to the partner \ e life reduces the risk of various diseases sexually transmitted and that are harmful to the mother and fetus.

Definition of love as brain science

You can not define love without raising the brain. Brain science ascribes different feelings and emotions that we feel, to certain areas of the brain. Also love determined by brain science, according to studies, in four main areas in the basal ganglia in the brain:

1. Tegmental area groundwater VTA)) Ventral Tegmental Area: This area is one of the key ingredients “for the equivalent system” in the body. This system provides a sense of pleasure in certain cases that the body wants to continue. Aimed at promoting various behaviors that are known to body Comergobh. Area – VTA active when falling in love and secrete dopamine, which causes a sense of fun, to different parts of the brain. Some claim that the way in which the active VTA while falling in love is largely similar to the way in which they are active when drug abuse.

2. The nucleus accumbens Nucleus Accumbens: this region is active particularly in people who have been subjected to severe emotional detachment recently. Refraction heart parallels feeling “Balheijan” felt by a drug addict when you try to quit.

3. Ventral Pallidum – Raphe Nucleus:

Found that these areas are more active in people loving Alsaidyn over many years. These areas cause a sense of calm and reduce tensions that accompanied an increase in the levels of serotonin in the brain.

Other studies have found in brain science that many chemicals are part of the ability to love, such as: NGF, testosterone, estrogen, dopamine the, Alnurabenerin, serotonin, oxytocin and Alvasubresen. Various materials differ in their function in the different stages of love.

Adequate level of testosterone is necessary for a woman’s sexual desire and men too. Dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin are necessary to feel attracted to the couple and revitalization reduces the feeling of hunger and fatigue. So often when falling in love face difficulty sleeping and think a lot spouse / e. Oxytocin and Two Alvasubresen responsible (respectively) to feel connection (bonding).


Pheromone is a chemical secreted by an organism and cause an activity or a reaction in another organism of the same sex. A number of scientific studies published claims of success in proving the existence of pheromones in humans as well.

On this basis, based perfume manufacturers and various arousal stimuli who claim that use Msthoudrathm increases sexual attraction toward the user.

However, there is much criticism about the validity of the studies, many claim, there are many research mistakes that hurt its credibility. In fact today there is no human pheromone that certainly proved it increases sexual attraction or affect them.

In conclusion, we can say that in spite of the great progress in the field of research and define love, it is still a lot of others things clear, and certainly no place for a romantic and intimate, which is an integral part of this world.

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